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Thesis Final Report (long)

A no not really they just send me because they think

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A: No, not really. They just send me because they think I'm the best bargainer. Q. How much do you spend each Sunday on an average? A. Mostly two to three thousand sometimes even more. Respondent # 25 Gender: Female Income Bracket: Age bracket: Early Thirties / married / No children Profession: Masters in Economics from KU / Teacher Q: How frequently do you come to Sunday Bazaar? A: Very less, about once every 6 months. Q: So why do you come, is there any particular reason? A: When I need something, then I come here. Im not in a habit of coming to Bazaars; I can’t handle it. Q: Do you live nearby? A: Yes, I live in Clifton. Q: What kind of items do you usually buy from here? A: It depends on my needs and wants. Q: Generally what ? A: Clothes, shoes, bags , whatever I need Q: Do you do budgeting when you come here? A: 110 percent Q: And do you bargain ? A: How is it possible for a lady not to bargain? Q: How much do you bargain ? A: A lot, I quote very less price against the asking price then bring him down politely Q: How do you bargain ? A: Politely, I tell him my range, if he agrees to my offer well and good else I walk away Q: How do you decide the price of an item ? A: I see how much worth it’s for than I quote my price, if he agrees I buy it else I leave it, also I have surveyed the market so I know the worth of an item Q: Who do you come with? 89
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A: I come with my husband Q: Do you feel proud when you get a good bargain ? A: Yes, ofcourse Q: Do you bargain in other bazaars as well or just here at Sunday Bazaar? A: Yes wherever it’s possible. In malls, such as Park towers and all, they have very stupid sale and discount offers, but people still buy. Q: For an item if the retailer asks 1000 rupees how much do you say? A: I would offer 250 – 300 Respondent # 26 & 27 Gender: Male/Male Income Bracket: Age bracket: 20 – 25 years Profession: Students of Baqai Q: So why do you come to Sunday Bazaar? A1: It's my fist time here. I heard that the prices are really low here. But there really isn't anything like that here. A2: First time, I live near Buffer zone so I go to Sunday Bazaar near my area Q: Where do you usually shop? A1: Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road usually. A2: Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road usually. Q: Comparatively, are the prices lower here? A1: Yes a lot less. And there is a lot of variety here. A2: Yes less compared to other markets Q: What have you noticed here? A1: Here, You can bargain a lot A2: Bargaining is a must here Q: What time did you guys come? A1: Since Ten O’clock we’ve been here. A2: Since Ten O’clock we’ve been here. Q. Have you bought something? A1. We got jeans for 300 rupees; retailer had asked for 550, we had to argue a lot to bring him down. A2. We had to fight a lot and wait Q: Are you all students? A1: We are students of Baqai Medical University. Our houses are very far away and we don’t get time for shopping so we all took time out to come to Sunday Bazaar today for shopping.
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