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Unsatisfactory ideas confusing disconnected purpose

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Unsatisfactory Ideas confusing, disconnected, purpose is unclear, thesis posed as announcing, (“In my paper I discuss…”), OR topic sentences non-existent or random, poor OR poor format OR poor citations or reference, major issues with grammar/vocabulary/style Minimal supporting data, OR 3 or more opinions unsupported by data, OR primarily opinions supporting opinions OR poor data sources. 4 violations of relevancy, does not distinguish between relevant and irrelevant data. Only presents one point of view either pro or con on an issue, relies primarily on one source, heavily biases reader in favor of one position, offers weak opposing views. Conclusions/implication do not follow from logic, conclusion is incomplete. Unacceptable No clear thesis statement, fails to address assignment, lacks focus and/or organization OR no citations or references OR poor grammar, vocabulary or style. No supporting data, OR unsupported opinions OR undocumented sources. Irrelevant, rambling, use of stories versus reasoned argument, distorts the data and/or states it inaccurately. Only considers own view/opinion, no reference or source material, narrow or superficial point of view, unaware of own prejudices. No conclusion offered, paper does not make sense, arguments are confusing an do not hang together.
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Unsatisfactory Ideas confusing disconnected purpose is...

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