T f accounting rules in the united states are known

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(T / F) Accounting rules in the United States are known as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Select one: True False
Correct. (T / F) In a company the person in charge of the accounting activity is called the controller or chief financial officer.
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Correct. (T / F) The three forms of business organizations are single proprietorship, partnership, and trust.
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True FalseCorrect. Corporation, not trust, is the third form.
7/14/2019Weekly Quiz 1 Question9 (T / F) The equity ratio shows the proportion of the company's assets that is financed through investments by the owners. CorrectMark 1.00 out of 1.00
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3/3of 1.00 TrueFalse Correct. The accounting for all three of these is covered in this text. Module 1 Powerpoint (Accessible)Jump to...Assessment 1
Question 10 (T / F) The three types of business activity are service, merchandising, and manufacturing. Correct Mark 1.00 out Correct. Select one:
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