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Performance indicators for amended operation plan SI. NO.objectivesperformance measures 1 The organization must derive the maximum productivity from resourceusage which it needs to adopt scientific method in designing job for employees. Return on equity Return on assets Asset multiplier ratio 2The organization needs to focus on finding out new market, offsetting new product to increase its market share. Introduction of new product line. Completion of market research. Entrance in new demographic market.
8. Identify at least three risks to the implementation of the operational plan and develop a contingency plan for each risk (you may use the contingency plan template provided in Appendix 4). Risks must include:
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Contingency Plan Company Name: BBQ Fun Name of Person Developing the Plan: Langjing Huang Who was Consult as Part of this Plan: Name: Pat Mifsud Position: CEO Risk Identified: 1.Risk of loss of confidential information when an employee leaves the organization. 2.Risk of not complying with WHS legislation. Strategies/activities tominimize risks By whenby whom 1. Provide attractive pay and incentives to hire qualityapplications. 10/08/2016 Les Goodale, HR Manager 2. The organization needs to register its business modelaccording to IP LawsAmendment Act 2015 and IPLaws Amendment Bill 2014. 20/08/2016Kim Chen, Operation General Manager 3. The organization needs to arrange training to make itsemployee aware of the WHSincidents. 1/07/2016 Les Goodale, HR Manager 9. Develop a proposal for resourcing to be presented for approval to the Operations General Manager. Include in your proposal:
a. description of proposed implementation of resourcing b. breakdown of costs c. benefits to organisation
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g. description of sources of information used to develop proposal (use internet research on technical aspects of e-commerce and importance to retailers; use consultation, use company financial projections).
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