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If the same 10 genes were used to construct a

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25. If the same 10 genes were used to construct a phylogeny for 5 different and more distantly related taxa and all taxa had a different copy number for all of the genes, this would be equivalent to what phenomenon with DNA sequence data: A. saturation B. reversal C. a root D. a synapomorphy E. None of these answers is correct Use the information below for the next 5 questions (until you see a bar beneath the question) A epidemiologist traces the fate of 500 newborn feral cats during an outbreak of a viral disease. The cats vary with respect to the alleles that they carry at a gene locus that influences the immune system. The fate of the cats in the sample is described below You can use our discrete-generation model of natural selection as an approximation to analyze this data and assume the population is outbred. 26. The Darwinian fitness of the fittest genotype is: 27. The relative fitness of the least fit genotype(s) is: EEMB2 Final Salmon Version: 0 Page: 8
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28. The proportion of the G 1 allele in the newborns is: 29. The relative fitness of the G 1 allele is: A. 0.25 B. 0.40 C. 0.50 D. 0.75 E. none of these answers 30. Rounding mean fitness to a single decimal place (i.e., 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, or 0.9) , the expected proportion of the G 1 allele next generation is ( hint: some of the following information may be helpful: 0.25*0.4=0.1, 0.8*0.25=0.2, .1/.3 = .33, .2/.3 = .67, 4/5 = = 0.8, and 1/4 = .25 ): Use the following information for the next 5 questions (until you see a solid line): In many countries the frequency of people consuming too much sugar has risen dramatically. Over-consumption of sugar contributes many health problems including adult-onset diabetes. Suppose that some people tolerate an excess of sugar better than others (i.e., thy show less physiological harm on high sugar diets) and that this tolerance can be measured with a weight gain metric ( 6 w = weight at age 25 - weight at age 16). A researcher used medical records to screen 1,000 couples (parents) and their children. For each parent she recorded their i) 6 w ii) number of children that they produced over their entire lifetime iii) the average 6 w of their children. The average 6 w of the population as a whole was 10. She found that people in the group with the highest 10% of 6 w values had a mean 6 w equaling 40. Children from these parents had an average 6 w of 34.
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