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Punishing the mischief out of a criminal

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punishing the mischief out of a criminal, rehabilitation would look for, by means of therapy or education, to bring a offender into a mind-set which would be helpful to society, rather than be harmful to society or into a more normal state of mind. Theories of Rehabilitation however have the following deficits: Absence of sound scientific research to find out how different individuals respond to the similar rehabilitating methods. Rehabilitation may depend more positively on the individual psychological background. A rehabilitation program may be too complex and costly to be utilized and successfully implemented in most of the countries. In spite of numerous laws and punishments, crimes continue to be committed. But these are much lesser than we can imagine if there will be no sentencing in criminal cases. Criminal sentencing creates a fear in the mind of potential offenders which often deters them to
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5 commit a crime. The above mentioned methods of sentencing together provide us a safer society that cannot be imagined without proper sentencing in criminal cases. REFERENCES Wright, Valerie (November 2010). "Deterrence in Criminal Justice: Evaluating Certainty vs. Severity of Punishment". The Sentencing Project. http://www.sentencingproject.org/doc/Deterrence%20Briefing%20.pdf Cavadino, M & Dignan, J. (1997). The Penal System: An Introduction (2nd ed.), p. 39. London: Sage. Thomas, J. M. (2008). Criminal sentencing guidelines and judicial discretion. Contemporary Economic Policy, 26(2), 207-215. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/274269203?accountid=32521
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punishing the mischief out of a criminal rehabilitation...

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