Com Chien 760 Fried Rice with pork eggs onions carrots and peas Com Xao Stir

Com chien 760 fried rice with pork eggs onions

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Com Chien $7.60 Fried Rice with pork, eggs, onions, carrots, and peas Com Xao-Stir-fry Dishes served with rice 41. Com Xao Bo $8.75 Stir fried beef and seasonal vegetables 42. Com Xao Ga $8.75 Stir fried chicken and seasonal vegetables 43. Com Xao Ga Xa Ot $8.75 Stir fried chicken with lemon grass, onion, chili pepper
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44. Com Xao Tom $8.95 Stir fried shrimp and seasonal vegetables 45. Com Xao Seafood $9.25 Stir fried seafood and seasonal vegetables 46. Com Xao Cyclo (Bo, Ga, Seafood) $9.60 Cyclo stir fried beef, chicken, seafood, and seasonal vegetables 47. Garlic Black Beans Chicken $8.75 Chicken sautéed with garlic black bean sauce, broccoli, and red bell peppers 48. Spicy Curry $8.65 Choice of beef or chicken sautéed with fresh vegetables and spicy curry sauce 49. Ginger Basil Chicken $8.75 Chicken sautéed with fresh ginger and Thai basil in a hot and sweet sauce Che Lanh - Cold Desserts 54. Bubble Tea $3.50 49. Che Thai $2.25 (Broadway Location Only) Thai dessert Bubble Tea Coconut, Coffee, Green Apple, Green Tea, Honeydew, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberry, Taro, Watermelon $3.50 Extra Jelly $0.35 Nuoc Uong - Beverages 56. Nuoc Ngot $2.15 Soft Drinks- Free Refill 57. Sua Dau Nanh (Lanh) $2.45 Soybean milk (cold) 58. Tra Da $2.15 Ice Tea- Free Refill 59. Nuoc Dua $2.75 Coconut Juice 60. Café Sua (Da, Nong) $2.95 Vietnamese Style Drip Coffee with condensed milk (iced or hot)
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