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Saliva or spit is continuously created but extra is

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and when you are chewing your glands make saliva. Saliva, or spit, is continuously created but extra is prepared when one is eating. The saliva make softer and saturates the foodstuff in our mouth. There are enzymes within the saliva giving assistance in the cutting down of food so it is at ease in order to swallow. After the mouth the food then moves through the esophagus to the stomach. when the food reaches the belly, it is by this time made into sugar, fat, starch, protein, and starch. The abdominal weights tighten and ease in a rate of three times per minute. This kind of churns the food mixing it with the powerful digestive juices. This process turns food into a liquid called chyme. The chyme then moves through the pyloric sphincter into the small intestine. In the digestive course, the small intestine plays an important role. Actually much of the breakdown process happens at this point. The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine and is about eight to ten inches long. Elements here defuse the acerbic in order for the chime to carry with the digestive method. Digestive liquids commencing
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ASSIGNMENT: HUMAN DIGESTION SUMMARY 3 the pancreas and liver arrive to mingle in using the liquid food. They complete the reducing down proteins, fats, sugars and starches. The particles are now reduced to permit from end to end through the partition of the minor intestine. Much of the absorption is done by now, however, the remaining body parts need some nutrients also. Absorption is what this is called, making the small intestine an significant portion of
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Saliva or spit is continuously created but extra is...

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