Object oriented business engineering oobe is object

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Object-Oriented Business Engineering OOBE is object modeling at the enterprise level. Analysis phase . The analysis phase defines the system to be built in terms of the problem-domain object model, the requirements model, and the analysis model. The analysis process should not take into account the actual implementation environment. This reduces complexity and promotes maintainability over the life of the system, since the description of the system will be independent of hardware and software requirements. Design and implementation phases . The implementation environment must be identified for the design model. This includes factors such as DBMS, distribution of process, constraints due to the programming language, available component libraries, and incorporation of graphical user interface tools. Testing phase . Finally, Jacobson describes several testing levels and techniques. The levels include unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. OK NOT OK Use Case Model Domain Object Model Analysis Model Design Model Implementation Model Testing Model Express in Structured by Realized by Implemented by Tested in
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