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The exams will be given only at the scheduled times

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your exam schedule now to make sure you have no conflicts. The exams will be given ONLY at the scheduled times, and make-up exams will NOT be given. If you miss the midterm and have a valid excuse, you will be given an alternative assignment. A valid excuse is a written note from a physician stating that you were too ill to come to class to take the exam. Notification that you attended student health is NOT a valid excuse. If you miss the final, you will have to take an incomplete and take the final exam the next time the class is offered. Please check your final exam schedule NOW because the final will not be given on an alternative date. 2. Attendance at discussion section is required. You must complete the requirements for the discussion section in order to pass the class. 3. The course grade will be based on a total of 400 points. Grading will be on a curve. 4. Cheating or plagiarism in any form is NOT tolerated. Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive an automatic "F" in the class and will be referred to the Dean of Student’s office. **THIS CLASSROOM IS A CELL PHONE-FREE ENVIRONMENT**
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