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When it comes to aesthetic beauty i have an

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interaction, knowing that I always have people there whenever I need help. When it comes to aesthetic beauty, I have an appreciation for the nicer things. I do not define myself as spoiled, but when I find beauty in something, it will definitely gain my interest and attention. I am also a creative thinker. Since I am not leisurely at all, my creativity causes me to deflect away from the seriousness but can still be used for important matters in a fun way. From the open-ended responses, the majority of people mentioned that I am extremely organized. On the other hand, my evaluators also brought up how I need to speak up more and take charge. I am an introvert when it comes to subjects I know very little about and with people that I do not know too well. However, if I am able to overcome this aspect, this will resolve many imperfect attributes I have that stop me from performing at my best. By taking the creativity test, I learned that I have a very balanced combination of the both creativity, at 49%, and organization at 51%. I will completely support my
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3 Nipal organizational side, because I am a very structured person. I set reminders for even the most insignificant events. I do it to avoid chaos and to create arrangement. I like tackling on many responsibilities and duties, so working specifically on the clock always keeps me on my toes. Because I am a person who worries easily when something goes wrong, I always keep things tidy. At the same time, my balance of originality derives from my ability to think outside of the box. I do not like to follow the norm, which is what causes me to stay different and unique from others. I like creating my own path rather than following the crowd, which shows that I generally prefer to lead. With these two aspects practically in equilibrium, this balance shows that I am able to cooperate with the two very well. From all these surveys and activities that have been conducted, I had found several apparent strengths in my personality. One extremely recurring trait that stood out a lot is my ambition, which I gave myself 100/100 through the Hogan exercise. I work very diligently and stay persistent, keeping the task at hand at all times. I like being the best, which is why I am so competitive, even at things that I know strike as difficult for me. Having this mentality, I always keep a positive mindset. But to complement this strength, I am also a tremendously organized person. I like to work by the clock and keep things structured in order to aid my accomplishments. By doing so, I can guarantee success in my future. Aside from these characteristics, however, I also scored very high on colorful and imaginative. I know the border between seriousness and playfulness. I rarely like to cross between the two, since I am either completely focused or very playful.
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