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Depending where you are indirect taxes can be

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directed to Medicare, Social Security and Federal income taxes. Depending where you are Indirect taxes can be avoidable, but direct taxes aren’t. Here’s an example if you are currently working for the government, you are considered privileged opposed to a private company. Since your income is derived by incentives it’s the constitutional law to relay taxes on your wages. As the Supreme Court mentioned your income taxes are not considered property tax or taxed on occupation is more on the lines of excise taxes. It all began with the 16 th amendment, everyone believed this amendment was an actual law, and in all actuality the 16 th amendment is considered a regulation. However with the Supreme Court exemplified on it being your decision when you fill out a W4 form it is considered “voluntary” entering this agreement, and claiming the monies
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received are to be taxed. Now the solution with Eric, I wouldn’t say it was a decision for you but I will say that the company required him to fill this form out which makes him liable for taxes to be taken. Although you’ve filled out a W4 form you still aren’t sure if you’re paying enough taxes towards your income you’ve received. Many people can claim from 0-5 on a W4. The
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Depending where you are Indirect taxes can be avoidable but...

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