Chapter 6

Members feel free to express their feelings on tasks

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members feel free to express their feelings on tasks & on group’s operation (there are few hidden agendas); communication takes place outside of mtg’s 8 Clear rules & work assignments there are clear expectations about roles played by each team member (action is taken, clear assignments made, accepted & carried out); work is distributed among members 9 Shared leadership while team has a formal leader, leadership functions shift from time to time depending on circumstances, needs of group & skills of members; 10 External relations team spends time developing key outside relationships, mobilizing resources, building credibility w/ important players in other parts of org. 11 Style diversity team has broad spectrum of team-player types (including members who emphasize attention to task, goal setting, focus on process, Ques about how team is functioning) 12 Self-assessment periodically, team stops to examine how well it’s functioning & what may be interfering w/ its effectiveness Roles Required for Effective Team Functioning F UNCTION D ESCRIPTION E . G . Roles that Build Task Accomplishment Initiating Stating goal / problem Making proposals about how to work on it Setting time limits “Let’s set up an agenda for discussing each of the problems we have to consider.” Seeking Info & Opinions Asking group members for specific factual info related to task/problem or for their opinions about it “What do yo think would be the best approach to this, Jack?” Providing Info Sharing info/opinions related to task/problem “I worked on a similar problem last year and found…” Clarifying Helping one another understand ideas & suggestions that come up in the group “What do you mean, Sue, is that we could…?” Elaborating Building on one another’s ideas & suggestions “Building on Don’s idea, I think we could…” Summarizing Reviewing points covered by group & Appointing a recorder to
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P ART 2: S TRIVING FOR P ERFORMANCE different ideas stated so that decisions can be based on full info take notes on a blackboard Consensus Testing Providing specific testing on whether group is nearing a decision or needs to continue discussion “Is the group ready to decide about this?” Roles that a Team Harmonizing Mediating conflict among other members Reconciling disagreements Relieving tensions “Don, I don’t think you and Sue really see the question that differently.” Compromising Admitting error @ times of group conflict “Well, I’d be willing to change if you provided some help on…” Gatekeeping Making sure all members have a chance to express their ideas & feelings preventing members from being interrupted “Sue, we haven’t heard from you on this issue.” Encouraging Helping group member make his point Establishing climate of acceptance in group “I think what you started to say is important, Jack. Please continue.”
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members feel free to express their feelings on tasks on...

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