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Utilizing the biuret method it can be said that the

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utilizing the Biuret Method, it can be said that the results demonstrate that the protein functions of the patient are not adequate and may equate to a certain disease or disorder. Utilizing the Biuret Method resulted in a color conformation which resulted due to the protein molecules reacting with cupric (Cu + +) ions. Principles: When protein reacts with cupric ions in an alkali solution, the protein and the cupric ions form peptide bonds and form a violet colored complex. The intensity of the violet color of the complex is proportional to the amount of protein present in the sample. Protein + Cu ++ ----------- Alkali----> Colored Complex Materials and Methods: The equipment used during the laboratory experiment include a Spectrophotometer, pipettes, automatic pipettes, disposable pipette tips, cuvettes, test tube racks, and timers. The reagents, QCs, and standard used in this experiment include the Patient Level 2- Unassayed Chemistry Control (Human) which expired on June30, 2010 and had the lot number 16412, the Total Protein Reagent which expired in October of 2010 and had a lot number of 911103-194, the Total Protein Standard which expired on March 2011 and had a lot number 808801-214, Quality
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utilizing the Biuret Method it can be said that the results...

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