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-rltt qi"*kr-i ci,i01!j1'r 1/1 x-1-trri.ri'i.1:ir

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Unformatted text preview: '--rltt Qi,":*kr-i ci_,i01,, !j1,.- 'r 1/1!), x-1-trri.ri'i,.1{':ir: _, i ,a',lzri- i r-r.G,-yrgqL r*.".-c,- -19. What is the Calvin cycle?A pot+h*.a,y +o conwr + encr$Y Trorn ATP ard N'tpPBinfD 3lr.'cosc.2O.What reactants go into it?- .-A1? . eo>.N4PFH . Hydroffn'. Where do these reactants come froni?'COe €rovr arr ""A"1? r- NADFT'I' hldra$"crr frunr lPafar21. What are the products of the Calvin cycle?g lucos(22.V,lhatis ATP?Ad(n65iv\t- tn'phesldat Q - ene..gY sTbt'3t in *vrc cells '23. What is NADPH?cbtla3es eWC+onS trte u.ikrsr< +{-r(y 6,r< needed i..r ch€rnkal .ec\ch.or)24. How many Cs & Hs are produced in each tum of the Calvin cycle?-.!.e--44{ 2 t-25. How many tums of the Calvin eycle does it take to make glucose? (p26.V,lbathappens to water duringphotoqmthesis? Where does eachmolecule go?-Tlu wa+<r is brok< down inl-o hYo{rc1.cr\ 6rrd o({q,Cn.-Thr {}(y%cY1 {.{i'ts +r-!e Starx{. and gods rn*D *t*c €1i7"16u nldrotz,rr +ransFr+a tb s+-a(g- 2 crnd 6c.l"nbdnes y.Jft{.r C'Ot fR rhc\k€ biuaosc-.27.Whatis made along the electron ffansport chain?A\? r NApfrr28. What are photons? \\-, 2^]-Bv ek-LYrtrrt ksrr'' +'*e 6un ( liglrn t!'Llr{lA{,)29. Whv is chloroohvll Brreen?- g;a^o^F 'is',^rfia+ catptT2e lal. tt3hr rin-tlJY30.What is a photosystem?CtuSfe.ns o'f tiSy* aus:tr,vb.tr'-3 Frlt*-errfS31. What does the electrontransport chain do?rncr"k/J 4TP al"Y.<l t'l4DPtt-...
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-rltt Qi"*kr-i ci,i01!j1'r 1/1 x-1-trri.ri'i.1:ir...

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