Problem statement Problem LEAD CONTAMINATION 3 The problem of this place is

Problem statement problem lead contamination 3 the

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Problem statement Problem
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LEAD CONTAMINATION 3 The problem of this place is company’s carelessly disposing lead waste. Most especially companies that make paints and other lead metals. They do not know that children, especially the small ones consume anything and most especially soil. There is no way anyone can feel safe in such a condition. Soils in Georgia are not safe and that includes even the water. When lead is reduced to dust, it is easily soluble in water. When it dissolves, it is lead to water sources which people use for consumption. Impact of consumption Consuming lead water is not only dangerous for young children but also for adults and pregnant women to be precise. For children, it can slow their development and lead to anemia (Kazzi,et al. 2019). That is why there are so many children who are mature but still have small physiques because they were exposed to lead either when they were infants or even small children. For pregnant mothers, it is both risky to them and to their unborn children. This is because, when they breathe in or even consume lead, it can be transferred through the placenta all the way to the breast milk. This means that both the child that is not yet born and the one that is breast feeding are both at risk. Now, this shows that a pregnant woman not only puts her life at risk but also that of her unborn child (Guo, Bowling, Bartram, & Kayser, 2017). For adults, it can cause complications like poor kidney functioning and cardiovascular effects among others. How to address the issue Prevention of lead disposal There are a couple of steps to be followed to address this issue. The first one is to ensure that no lead is disposed carelessly. This goes to all the companies that are involved in
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