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Magazines newspapers and other printed sources are

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Magazines, newspapers, and other printed sources are still relevant today. The Internet remains a popular resource for nearly everyone in the world; however printed sources are still used for learning new information. Newspapers obtain important facts about local events, employment, stories of people in the community, political news, etc. “While the Internet provides breaking news and invites instant reactions in comment boxes, newspapers are better for delivering reasoned analysis and considered opinion.” (Belena 2010) There are a range of magazines that cover numbers in sports, facts on political parties, advertisements, interior design, cooking recipes, just to name a few. Other printed sources would be articles, dictionaries, handbooks and manuals and many more. Dictionaries are useful for helping to write a document,
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TEAM A REFLECTION 4 understanding the meaning of an unfamiliar word, and finding other words that are similar to the word being researched. Library The use of libraries can be one of the best forms of resources for forecasting economic data. The best way to do this is to research past data through archives that a library has. A library has records dating back hundreds of years. A person who is looking to forecast economic data could look at a certain time period of time in the past to judge what the future may hold. Many companies in fact do this to forecast economic trends so they can make their budgets.
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Magazines newspapers and other printed sources are still...

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