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I enzyme catalase ii substrate hydrogen peroxide h 2

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i) enzyme: catalase ii) substrate: hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) iii) products: 2 O + O 2 ) iv) source of the enzyme: potato tubers Exercise 6.1: 5. What is the primary objective of this exercise? Be specific. To prepare the catalase solution (100 units/mL) for use in all the exercises in this experiment. Exercise 6.2: 6. What is the objective of this exercise? To determine the effect of enzyme concentration on the rate of activity, while using a substrate concentration which is in excess. 7. Which enzyme units from this exercise should be saved and why? Save the undiluted enzyme (100 units/mL 40mL enzyme) for use in exercises 6.3-6.6.
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8. What substrate concentration is used in this exercise? 40 mL 1% H 2 O 2 solution = 0.294M H 2 O 2 9. Describe the glass fiber filter discs to be used throughout this lab and how it is used to demonstrate enzyme activity. Initially, the disc will sink rapidly when placed in the substrate solution. The oxygen produced from the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by catalase becomes trapped in the fibers of the disc, causing the disc to float to the surface of the solution. The time (t in seconds) from the moment the disc touches the solution to the time it takes to reach the surface is the reaction rate of enzyme activity (R = 1/t). Exercise 6.3:
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i enzyme catalase ii substrate hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2...

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