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Almeida j m eager d l and vernon m k a hybrid caching

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Unformatted text preview: Almeida, J. M., Eager, D. L. and Vernon, M. K., A Hybrid Caching Strategy for Streaming Media Files , in Proc. of Multimedia Computing and Networking 2001, San Jose, California, January 2001. Nahum, E. M, Rosu, M., Seshan, S. and Almeida, J., The Effects of Wide-Area Con- ditions on WWW Server Performance , in Proc. of ACM SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems , Cambridge, MA, June 2001 Fan, L., Cao, P., Almeida, J. and Broder, A. Z., Summary Cache: A Scalabel Wide- Area Web Cache Sharing Protocol , in Proceedings of SIGCOMM 1998, Vancouver, Canada, September 1998. Also in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Volume 8, No. 3, pp 281-293, June 2000. Almeida, J., Dabu, M., Manikutty, A. and Cao, P., Providing Differentiated Quality- of-Service in Web Hosting Services , 1998 SIGMETRICS Workshop on Internet Server Performance, Madison, Wisconsin, June 1998. Almeida, J. and Cao, P., Measuring Proxy Performance with the Wisconsin Proxy Benchmark , 3 rd Web Caching Workshop, Manchester, England, June 1998. Also in the Journal of Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, Volume 30, No 22-23, November 1998 Almeida, J. M., Almeida, V. A. F. and Yates, D., Measuring the Behavior of a World- Wide Web Server , Seventh IFIP Conference on High Performance Networking, White Plains, NY, USA, April 1997. Almeida, J. M., Almeida, V. A. F. and Yates, D., WebMonitor: a Tool for Measuring World-Wide Web Server Performance , First Monday, vol. 2, no. 7, July 1997. Almeida, V.A.F., Almeida, J. M., and Murta, C. D., Performance Analysis of a WWW Server , CMG’96 - 22nd International Conference on Technology Management and Performance Evaluation of Enterprise-Wide Information Systems, San Diego, USA, December 1996. Duarte, C., Almeida, J. M., and Almeida, V., Performance Analysis of a WWW Server , XXIII SEMISH (Integrated Seminar of Software and Hardware), Recife , Brazil, August 1996. Almeida, V. A. F., Almeida, J. M., Murta, C. D., Oliveira, A. A., and Mendes, M. A. S., Performance Analisys and Modeling of a WWW Internet Server , Fourth Telecommunication Conference, Nashville USA, March 1996. Yates, D., Almeida, V. and Almeida, J. M., On the Interaction Between an Operating System and Web Server , Technical Report 97-012 Boston University, July 1997. Also in the Technical Conference on Telecommunications R&D in Massachusetts, Lowell, MA, November 1997 References upon request...
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Almeida J M Eager D L and Vernon M K A Hybrid Caching...

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