It required all countries to cut the same amount of

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It required all countries to cut the same amount of emissions. It increased federal funding for reducing emissions in the U.S. It was intended to reduce greenhouse gases on a global scale. It would have led to an overall increase in greenhouse gases. CONCEPT Efforts to Address Climate Change 19
Which of the following is an involuntary environmental risk?
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A woman develops cancer after working in a building filled with asbestos. A man goes swimming in contaminated water. CONCEPT Risk 20 What is one of the responsibilities of the Department of Energy (DOE)?
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The Clean Air Act of 1970 established all of the following EXCEPT a requirement that __________.
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the EPA list harmful pollutants CONCEPT Efforts to Address Air Pollution 22 Which of the following describes a natural source of air pollution?
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A dust storm in 1983 dumped 1,000 pounds of topsoil onto the city of Melbourne, Australia. Oil refineries on the Gulf Coast release benzene and other volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. During their vacation, Jim and his family drove their car through several national parks. CONCEPT Air Pollution 23 One sunny afternoon, Max tried an experiment. He cut the ends off several plastic bottles and slid them over a length of hose. He ran a little water through the hose and left it in the yard for about an hour. When he returned and turned on the water, it was warm as it ran through the hose. What kind of energy was Max using to produce heat? Hydroelectric Geothermal Solar Biomass CONCEPT Renewable Energy
24 Select the energy source that is non-renewable. Windmills harness the wind's energy to pump groundwater. Individual solar cells charge calculator and watch batteries. Corn is converted into ethanol. Petroleum is used to make gasoline, jet fuel and propane gas. CONCEPT Energy Renewable Energy Non-Renewable Energy
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