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10:16:12 New Ideologies & Revolutions

No leaders mac locke social contract rousseau

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no leaders (MAC); Locke – social contract; Rousseau – sovereignty from people; Enlightenment & French Revolution; central concept of liberty & get to do what you want without government restraint; wanted states based on constitutional principles; wanted political representation from Parliament; liberals wanted to remove control over the economy; wanted to get rid of Corn Laws : prices of wheat were high; there would be a tax on imported wheat (good for landowners); price of bread was the price of workers repealed in 1846; made arguments about majorities David Ricardo : classical economist; 1817: “Principles of Political Economy” the Iron Law of Wages : wages will always be low if you work with supply & demand; if you give workers more $, they will be able to maintain more children who would work for lower wages again Laissez-Faire : hands-off, uninterrupted free market economy Members : educated middle-class Noblesse Oblige : representatives to the poor; conservative groups that maintained a sense that they were on top for a reason; more pro-worker than the
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no leaders MAC Locke social contract Rousseau sovereignty...

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