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Would require me getting up on time i also could be

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would require me getting up on time . I also could be encouraged to wake up by my learned need for achievement . My parents have always taught me not to be afraid to challenge myself, thus this learned characteristic motivates me . The last concept that relates to this problem is the James-Lange theory of emotion . This theory is the belief that emotional experience is a reaction to bodily events occurring as a result of an external situation . In other words, when I wake up I believe I am more tired than I probably am because I’m in my bed, I just woke up, and my shades are down, leaving my room warm and dark, the perfect atmosphere to sleep more . Clearly, my trouble waking up for an early class can be explained on various levels by numerous terms and concepts we have learned in class so far . After all, psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes . Thus, it explains my certain behavior towards waking up in the morning and what is going through my head during this time . Chapter 5 can explain how my sleep schedule influences this issue, while Chapter 6 helps to clarify how I have
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conditioned myself to react to my alarm a certain way . Chapter 4 shows how my senses alert my body to awaken, and Chapter 10 puts my motivation and emotional state into perspective when I am waking up for class . Psychology can explain and relate to so many instances in our daily lives, this is just a close look at one behavior . After learning all the concepts and terms we have in this class, it is remarkable how often I find myself connecting this new information to everyday happenings. That is what makes psychology so interesting, it is all related to our lives and what makes us human. Being able to connect my behavior of waking up for an early class to four different chapters of the text, just further proves the importance of psychology in our lives and how it helps better our understanding of the world we live in.
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would require me getting up on time I also could be...

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