Unit objectives all students should 1 acquire some

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Unit Objectives All students should 1. acquire some knowledge about the gases present in the air 2. be able to carry out tests for oxygen, carbon dioxide and water 3. be able to compare the composition of breathed and unbreathed air 4. be able to state the necessary conditions for burning 5. be able to set up control experiments to asses results of experiments 6. recognise that green plants make their own food through photosynthesis 7. be able to infer from experiments the necessary conditions for photosynthesis 8. be able to test for the presence of starch in green leaves 9. be able to infer that man and plants obtain their energy from the chemical energy stored in food 10. be able to infer from experiments that oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is produced by plants and animals during respiration 11. be able to control variables to make experiments valid 12. recognise respiration as the process during which the chemical energy in food is released 13. be able to distinguish between breathing and respiration 14. be able to generalise from the gas relationship between animals and plants that there exists a carbon dioxide - oxygen balance in nature 15. appreciate the interdependence between plants and animals 16. be able to evaluate the effects of smoking on health 17. be aware that air may contain substances which are irritating to our lungs
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The more able students should 1. be able to investigate the necessary conditions for photosynthesis 2. recognise green plants as the primary producers in food chains 3. be able to identify the main parts of our respiratory system 4. be able to describe the breathing mechanism in man
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