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4 ml from level of water to the amount of time the

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air sample did not level off until the 27 minute mark (6.4 mL) From level of water to the amount of time the oxygen was being used in the rusting process we can see that air sample had higher levels of O 2 . What would cause the volume of water to rise up the syringes? One hypothesis would be that when oxygen was being depleted and bonded with iron the resulting space allowed the water to rise in oxygen’s place. Since our readings were far different than the other samples in class I decided to use the average percentage for the class. (Chart 1) With the average oxygen content of air (17.1 % ) and breath (26.6%) being slightly different from each other the first question is what makes up the difference? One reason could be that when holding the air in the lungs for 15 seconds oxygen is being absorbed by the body for use and would cause the difference. So the slight difference in oxygen percentage ( 26.6 % - 17.1% = 9.5 % ) could be prescribed to respiration process. Does the rusting reaction occur at a constant rate? We observed in both samples that from 0:00 to 3:00 mark rose higher (1.0 mL Breath & 2.0 mL Air) than the any point in the 60 minute time frame. (Graph Raye & Ibrahim 2
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1). One reason for this change in rate would be that the oxygen reacted with the iron on the outermost part of the steel wool first. This initial availability of oxygen and iron would explain the faster rise at the beginning versus the end. As time progressed the oxygen would then react within the steel wool that was not as easily available for reaction, thus causing the slower rise in water volume. Raye & Ibrahim 3
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4 mL From level of water to the amount of time the oxygen...

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