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ECE _ DSST Organizational Behavior

Processes might be improved to make the team more

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Unformatted text preview: processes might be improved to make the team more effective A major area of concern in Organizational Development (OD) is the dysfunctional conflict that exists between groups . Intergroup development seeks to change the attitudes, stereotypes, and perceptions that groups have of each other. Although there are several approaches for improving intergroup relations, a popular method emphasizes problem solving. In this method, each group meets independently to develop lists of its perception of itself, the other group, and how it believes the other group perceives it. The groups then share their lists, after which similarities and differences are discussed. Differences are clearly articulated, and the groups look for the causes of the disparities. Managers are the primary change agent players in most organizations. By the decisions they make and their role- modeling behaviors, managers' shape the organization's change culture. For instance, management decisions related to structural design, cultural factors, and human resource policies largely determine the level of innovation within the organization. Many individuals are guilty of selective information processing in order to keep their perceptions intact. Individuals shape their world through their perceptions. Once they’ve created this world, it resists change. Individuals hear what they want to hear, and they ignore information that challenges the world they’ve created. For example, production workers who are faced with the introduction of total quality management may ignore the arguments their bosses make in explaining why a knowledge of statistics is necessary or the potential benefits the change will give them....
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processes might be improved to make the team more effective...

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