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MGMT 305 week 3 DB

The owner would then consider whether this update on

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immediately bring up the analysis phase. The owner would then consider whether this update on the current system is worth the trouble, or if the benefits outweigh the risks. Once the owner concludes that the new system will minimize lost punch cards, inaccurate hours, and fraudulent punches, they would enter the design stage. In this stage they would consider how the new punch machine would operate. The owners would decide whether it is feasible to implement a hand reading punch machine or a personalized digital card reading punch machine. Once the owner decides on the hand reading punch machine, they implement the idea. The new machine is installed and finally replaces the old system. At this point, the owner would see if the new system is working correctly or not. If there are any hiccups during this process, the system is looked over one more time to correct the issues. Finally, the new system is ready to be used. The maintenance phase allows the owner to update the system on a minor basis to keep it running efficiently. References Kay, R. (2002). QuickStudy: System Development Life Cycle. Computer World. Retrieved from http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/71151/System_Development_Life_Cycle Meakin, P. (1998). Implementation: Creating the System. Retrieved from http://www.hollyfield.kingston.sch.uk/gcseit/GCSE/implemen.htm
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