Sometimes we accept premises provisionally this

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Sometimes we accept premises provisionally ! This allows us to suspend the issue of truth (when we do not know whether the premises are accurate/true) and focus on relevancy and sufficiency 13 Exercise 8B, 1 (b–f) Each of the following claims can be taken as an acceptable premise in an argument. In each case, explain the acceptability in terms of the five conditions of acceptability. b) The former Soviet Union included Uzbekistan. d) [Stated by the chief of police] The intersection of these two major roads is the worst location for accidents in the city. Exercise 8B, 1 (b–f) d) Human beings cannot always be trusted to tell the truth. e) [Stated by a tourist guide] Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined. f) Computer technology will either improve daily life, or it will not.
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Conditions of Unacceptability 1. Unacceptable because of an inconsistency ! Can occur when accepting one premise of an argument renders the acceptability of another premise impossible 2. Unacceptable as a result of begging the question ! Begging the question is a fallacy that occurs when when the premises assume the very things that should be established by the conclusions. 3. Unacceptable because of problems with language Language problems discussed in more detail in Chapter 7. e.g., ambiguity, vagueness, equivocation The A Condition violated: Begging the Question ! “School uniforms are effective in decreasing illegal activity in schools because they do cut down on crime.” 17 The R Condition: Contextual Relevance ! Contextual relevance includes the relationship of the actual argument to the context in which it is situated. ! Red Herring ! The red herring fallacy is committed when an arguer attempts to shift attention way from the issue at hand. ! Red herrings are examples of arguments that have
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Sometimes we accept premises provisionally This allows us...

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