Guidelines for Islamic Modes of Finance, SBP

12 return of leased assets 12.01 return of the leased

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Unformatted text preview: 12. RETURN OF LEASED ASSETS 12.01 Return of the Leased Assets shall be at the Lessor ’ s place of business or as specified in Lease Document # __ hereto attached. Any structural alteration, special equipment or material alteration hereinafter required by the Lessee shall be added only with approval of the Lessor and shall, subject to the provisions of Clause 8.02, be removed at the Lessee ’ s expense prior to the end of the term of the lease hereby granted. The Lessor shall be entitled to label the Leased Assets as having been leased from the Lessor; 12.02 The Lessee agrees to return the Leased Assets at the end file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Administrator/De.../Guidelines for Islamic Modes by SBP/leasing/1.htm (8 of 13) [2/23/2008 11:55:09 PM] State Bank of Pakistan - The Central Bank of the term of the lease hereby granted or any extension thereof or earlier upon termination of the lease, in good operating condition and working order, free from any physical damage. In general, normal wear and tear proportionate to the usage is to be expected. The Lessee and the Lessor or their respective Agents shall inspect and provide a jointly signed report on the condition of the Leased Assets. However, any condition as a result of neglect or abuse is the sole responsibility of the Lessee; 13. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 13.01 It is understood and agreed that Lessor shall not be liable or accountable to the Lessee for any loss, damage, claim, demand, liability, cost or expense of any nature or kind sustained by the Lessee directly or indirectly resulting from any inadequacy for any purpose, or any defect therein, from loss or interruption of use thereof, or any loss of business, profits consequential or any other damage of any nature; 13.02 Parties hereto shall not be required to carry out any of the terms of this Agreement if prevented from so doing by Acts of God, or the State ’ s enemies or any other circumstances beyond their control and shall not be liable for any loss or damages sustained by any party resulting there from; 13.03 If the Leased Asset should be damaged without any fault on the part of the Lessee, but be capable of being repaired and if the applicable insurance proceeds be insufficient to pay the full cost of repairing the same, the Lessee may arrange repair and the difference between the actual cost of repairs and the amount of insurance claim received for it from the insurance company shall be payable by the Lessor. However, if the Leased Asset is completely lost or incapable of repair the proceeds of insurance shall be payable to the Lessor and this Agreement shall stand terminated; 13.04 All repairs, replacements or substitution of the parts or component of the Leased Assets necessitated due to normal usage shall be at the Lessee ’ s expense; 13.05 The Lessor has not made and does not hereby make any representation as to merchantability, condition or suitability of the Leased Assets for the purpose of the Lessee or any other representation, with respect thereto. The Lessee agrees that its representation, with respect thereto....
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12 RETURN OF LEASED ASSETS 12.01 Return of the Leased...

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