Verify the correct patient information fax number

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Verify the correct patient information, fax number, email and/or address before sending Use encrypted channels to send information Do not use shared credentials (including when using third party portals) Create strong passwords to protect sensitive information (You can obtain more information on protections and proper handling of PHI from your local Privacy Officer. Contact information at the end of this manual.) 2. Confidential Information Confidential information is highly sensitive and includes benefits, financial information (including credit card information), payroll and personnel records. You should only access and disclose this information on a minimum-necessary basis when performing your job duties with minimum necessary access. 3. Internal Information The intended use of internal information is to conduct business within Trinity Health. Internal information is proprietary in nature and could have competitive value to others. 4. Unclassified Information Unclassified information is anything that has been made available for public distribution through authorized Trinity Health channels.