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DSST Things to know_Intro to Business

Chris is the vice president of human resources for a

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11. Chris is the Vice President of human resources for a large Northeastern firm. A position in the firm has opened and one of the candidates for the position is Chris’s son, Toby. Because Chris will play a major role in hiring the individual to fill this position, which of the following has occurred? (A) Code of ethics (B) Conflict of interest (C) Nepotism (D) Ethical procedure INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 176 Dantes/DSST Program 12. Fran is an African-American applying for a promotion. Fran has the educational requirements and experience for the new position, but is not offered the job. Instead, she learns that her manager’s son, who has no work experience, has been hired. To which of the following organizations should Fran bring a complaint? 13. Which of the following would best help a company that practices external recruiting to compare candidates’ qualifications? 14. The major difference in payment between employees on salary and those paid hourly wages is the 15. A large corporation has found that internal recruiting has provided the company with inferior managers. Which of the following programs does the company need to improve? (A) Management development (B) Vestibule training
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(C) Orientation (D) Attrition 16. Which of the following acts of Congress lists unfair labor practices that unions are forbidden to use? 17. Which of the following is NOT a cause of the declining trend in union membership? 18. When applying for a position at Tupalo, Inc., a potential employee is informed that all employees are union members and union membership is a condition of accepting employment at Tupalo. Which of the following types of businesses is Tupalo?
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