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This diminishes the quality of the customers they are

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This diminishes the quality of the customers they are catering to and can also cause a lack in consideration for the prostitute’s well being. Meaning, for most girls regularly working the streets there is not regular testing for sexually transmitted infections and no minimum requirements for the people they service. This causes diseases to go undetected and makes the risk of spreading them significantly higher. Along with the risk of sexually transmitted infections are the risk of abuse from pimps and customers, drug addiction, and the deterioration of the person’s mental health. This profession takes a large toll on a person’s psyche. Most street workers do not live in the highest conditions. This can cause depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), not to mention abuse of alcohol and drugs to help cope with their mental condition (“Risks to Women in Prostitution”). With this type of mental state, a person could go on to possibly take their life or the life of someone else. Making laws prohibiting prostitution is not the solution; instead of banning this profession, we should be regulating it instead. Although there are many reasons that prostitution should be illegalized, there is very good point in the argument that banning this profession goes against the Constitution. While most Americans will say that legalized prostitution is out of the question, there are some who are for it. According to Paul Armentano, a journalist for the Future of Freedom Foundation, “In a free society . . . all such laws are inappropriate because they violate the basic rights and liberties of the individuals involved”. He believes that our country should not be allowed to regulate
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what people can do with their bodies because it is our basic right in this free nation to decide how we live and what we do. Those who are against prostitution, however, would argue that although people are allowed to make their own decisions about their bodies, they should not be allowed to corrupt the world with their immorality. Everyone should be allowed to use their body however they choose, even if people find it morally degrading. Prostitutes should not be put down for earning money for their body if that is what they choose to do with their life. It is not fair to judge a prostitute for making money for
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This diminishes the quality of the customers they are...

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