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Specifications: MyLifeGoals.java Requirements : Write the application MyLifeGoals that prints your name, your short-term, medium-term and long-term life goals. Design : Your program should contain a main method that prints the information listed under “Output” (i.e., your output should replace the text in Italics). Output: Your first and last name (separated by a space) (The second line should be blank) Describe your short-term life goals.(in one line) Describe your medium-term life goals. (in one line) Describe your long-term life goals. (in one line) Describe your life goals (if you have never thought about them, this is a good chance to think about them carefully. These three questions were raised by the book “How to control your time and your life”, which is highly recommended by former president Bill Clinton). The actual output for each line needs to be at least 100 characters not including spaces. Code & Test : The expected output for the program will vary from student to student, but it is important to follow output pattern described above, formatting requirements, and minimum character requirements. If you aren't sure how many characters are in your output, you can copy it into Microsoft word and use the word count feature under the Review ribbon.
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