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5/17/23, 12:49 PMElsevier Adaptive Quizzing - Quiz performance33/34RationaleThe S is the third heart sound heard after the normal "lub-dub." It is indicative ofcongestive heart failure in adults over 30 years old. In young, pregnant, and under 30-year-old clients, the third heart sound is often considered to be a normal parameter.Test-Taking Tip:You have at least a 25% chance of selecting the correct response inmultiple-choice items. If you are uncertain about a question, eliminate the choices thatyou believe are wrong and then call on your knowledge, skills, and abilities to choosefrom the remaining responses.While assessing a client, the nurse finds that the ratio of theanteroposterior diameter and transverse diameter of the chest is 1:1.Which is indicated by this finding?Select all that apply. One, some, orall responses may be correct.RationaleThe 1:1 ratio of the anteroposterior diameter and transverse diameter of the chestindicates a barrel-shaped chest. This is a characteristic feature in an older adult whosmokes and has chronic lung disease. In lordosis, there is an increase in lumbarcurvature. Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal condition in which there is a decreasedOlder adult clientYoung adult client3Client has lordosis.Client is an older adult.Client has osteoporosis.Client has a history of smoking.Client has chronic lung disease.
5/17/23, 12:49 PMElsevier Adaptive Quizzing - Quiz performance34/341 topics coveredHealth and Physical AssessmentRN Content Area / Fundamentals of NursingIntermediateYoubone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.Test-Taking Tip:Be alert for details about what you are being asked to do. In thisquestion type, you are asked to select all options that apply to a given situation orclient. All options likely relate to the situation, but only some of the options may relatedirectly to the situation.Quiz me on this topicNoviceIntermed.Prof.Q'sans'd175
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