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Lecture 13

Upper northern part syria turkey northern iraq get

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-upper-Northern part, Syria, turkey, northern Iraq-get hills and mountain ranges -lower-Southern part, more flat lands and plains, hot, black and dry. -the environment puts limits on things what people can do. -lower-put more irrigation in this area -a part of the world that is extremely active politically in the modern sense. -Iraq-not a good place to do archeology there because its so politically instable. So they got creative with the information they did have. Started to look at the edges of Mesopotamian culture zone and lot more people working in turkey and Syria. -one of the things that U.S. Department of Defense said that archeology is really important so they informed and trained US soldiers about archeological heritage. They made plane cards that informed them about what artifacts looked like for future generations. Also to stop looting. -look at satellite imagery-a first one in 1950s but got declassified because they were so old. these older pictures are better because they show places before it got bigger and modern people came in. -modern geo-political modifications challenge us to look into Mesopotamia but this has made us more creative to look for more ways to see it. -but even when you get good access, its not in a good environment and tough to work with.
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upper Northern part Syria turkey northern Iraq get hills...

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