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Example 3 the student submits only assignment 01 and

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Example 3: The student submits only assignment 01 and obtains 70%. He/she does not submit assignment 02 and therefore forfeits 5% of his/her final mark. The mark for assignment 01 is multiplied by 0.05 as it contributes 5% towards the final mark. This equals 3.5% and is regarded as the student’s year mark out of a possible 10%. If the student obtains 52% in the examination, this percentage will be multiplied by 0,9 which equals 46.8% of the final assessment mark. The year mark and the examination mark are then combined (3.5% and 46.8%) to give a final assessment mark of 50% for the module. This implies that, in this case, the student must also obtain at least 52% for the examination to obtain a final assessment mark of 50% in order to pass the module. If you write a supplementary examination the year mark will not be taken into account when the final mark is calculated hence the mark you receive will only be what you obtained for the examination. If you write an aegrotat examination the year mark will be taken into account but the subminimum rule of 40% will apply. This means that, should you obtain a mark of less than 40% in the examination, your year mark will not be taken into account, and the examination mark will be your final mark for the module. The completion of assignments provides an excellent opportunity for you to ensure that the work you do during the course of the year contributes towards your final assessment mark. You are therefore advised and encouraged to do every assignment (including the self-assessment assignments that should not be submitted to Unisa for marking) and obtain a good mark in the assignments. Assignment enquiries Enquiries about the receipt of assignments or assignment marks may be directed to Directorate Student Assessment Administration (see the Unisa: Services and Procedures brochure for details). Assignment information can also be obtained by accessing myUnisa. Please note that, even if you submit your assignment before the due date, it will only be sent to the lecturer for assessment after the due date of the assignment. No assignments will therefore be assessed before the due date. 6.2 EXAMINATIONS The examination is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes of this module. Learning outcomes are provided in each study unit in the study guide. Requirements for admission to the examination
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MNH306-K/101 7 Admission to the examination is automatic provided you have submitted Assignment 01 on or before the due date for the assignment . Students who do not submit this compulsory assignment will NOT be granted admission to the examination. Format of the examination paper The examination paper will consist of four essay questions (25 marks each) of which you will be expected to answer three (total: 75 marks). Question 1 is compulsory and based on a case study. The questions may be subdivided into paragraph questions. Note that there will be no multiple choice questions in the examination paper. The duration
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Example 3 The student submits only assignment 01 and...

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