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EN 234 Week 4 Final Draft of paper

Know all of that was from the drugs but it still hurt

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know all of that was from the drugs but it still hurt none the less and even after she was clean and sober it was still hard to forget. But this story shows you that recovery although hard may be accomplished. You may have been sucked into darkness but there is a light somewhere and you just need to find that something to pull you through. For Sonny he not only got through it because of his brother but because of his love for music. Some make it out and some do not just like what Sonny said in the story when he was talking about the hold addiction can have on you. “And then there are some who just live, really, in hell, and they know it and they see what’s happening and they go right on” (Baldwin 68). We are faced with a choice of how long we should help someone and how much help we should give them. It is hard to know how to help someone with a drug issue and deal with all the consequences of that all at the same time. We never know what will happen in the end and it really hurts when our help is taken for granted. That person may get back on drugs, go to jail, bring drugs in your own house and may even say you did nothing to help them at all. This makes it really hard to ever help them again. My sister took all my help for granted, she did not stay clean and she did not appreciate the sacrifices me and my family took for her. Not only did we take her in but we also took in her boyfriend who also had a drug problem. I knew if I said he could not come she would not have taken my help. In the end it felt like wasted time and energy and all I got was ungratefulness. I am still not sure on what I should have done to get a different outcome but I do feel I gave too much.
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