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If so list one strategy for fitting meditation into

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Have you considered integrating meditation into your own lifestyle? If so, list one strategy for fitting meditation into your schedule. If not, explain why. Absolutely! This exercise was really enjoyable, and a learning experience for me as well. The strategy I will use will be to begin my day with this type meditation, although scheduling will vary. However, I think in the long run, the benefits will be greater, as I have learned something new. PSY/201 Web Address (URL): http://voices.yahoo.com/christian-meditation- techniques-spiritual-growth-1332365.html http://suite101.com/article/centering-prayer-a129759 Summary of resource: This source, unlike other meditation techniques, suggests concentrating on scripture, rather than emptying the mind This source was found by Yahoo search and searching for Christian meditation techniques. This type meditation suggests focusing on a particular word or words and rejecting any other thought that tries to distract you from the focus at hand. Two interesting Facts: 1. This type of meditation also involves sitting upright, as other forms of meditation do. 2. There are listed health benefits that result from this type of meditation. 1. There is not much difference in the way I normally pray that this technique suggests. 2. This technique focuses on the meditation itself, removing distractions, and taking control of your thoughts. What happened after you tried each technique? I found that my mind was more at ease, and I had a boost of sureness, a confidence I had not had prior to the meditation exercise. I was more able to remove distractions from my thoughts, I was better able to focus my attention after a few attempts, not allowing my thoughts to be so random, but narrowed down to only one or two thoughts.
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