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Sheilas leadership and management skills show through

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Sheila’s leadership and management skills show through every day at work. When she conducts the daily meetings all eyes usually on her. She works with every department to help guide them in the direction they need to go to get the job done. When she comes up with an idea he makes sure everybody has a hand in the process of coming up with the idea. Sheila also has very good management skills. She is very fair and objective when it comes time to evaluate the employees on not only a daily basis but, at quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly evaluations. During her evaluations she lets you know the areas you can improve in. Then she gives you ideas on what you can do to improve and listens to your ideas on what you think you can do. Sheila applies the strategic communication objectives very well at work every day. She takes very good care when discussing factors in the outside world that effect the company. She makes sure that each employee knows what is going on, but makes sure their work is not
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influence by things in the outside world about the company. She also makes sure when it comes to what is going on internally in the company that the employees stay well informed, but they do not need to know more that is relevant to their job and would possibly effect their job performance. Every day at work he does a SWOT analysis to see what the daily threats are and how they can be addressed. She then applies his strategic management skills and formulates and implements a plan of action that he passes along to all the employees in the meeting before the shift. Sheila has a very democratic power base when it comes to his style of leadership. She takes every idea into consideration when dealing with any issue at work. She takes the time to listen to every employee that wishes to voice their opinion. She takes criticism as well as he takes praise.
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Sheilas leadership and management skills show through every...

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