Explain 2 20 points Web and Http a 4 pt Suppose within your Web browser you

Explain 2 20 points web and http a 4 pt suppose

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the same method as SMTP to mark the end of a message body? Explain. 2.(20 points) Web and Http (a)(4 pt.) Suppose within your Web browser you click on a link to obtain a Webpage. The IP address for the associated URL is not cached in your local host, so a DNS lookup is necessary to obtain the IP address. Suppose that n DNS servers are visited before your host receives the IP address from DNS; the successive visits incur an round-trip-time of RTT1, RTT2, RTT3, …, RTTn. Further suppose that the Web page associated with the link contains exactly one object, consisting of a small amount of HTML text. Let denote the RTT0between the local host and the server containing the object. Assuming zero transmission time of the object, how much time elapses from when the client clicks on the link until the client receivers the object? (b)(12 pt.) Referring to (a), suppose the HTML file references eight very small objects on the same server. Neglecting transmission times, how much time elapses with Non-persistent HTTP with no parallel TCP connections? Non-persistent HTTP with the browser configured for 5 parallel connections? Persistent HTTP? (c)(4 pt.) A web page that contains 13 embedded objects is downloaded via HTTP 1.1. Assume that the size of the main page and each embedded object is one TCP segment. Suppose that a
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