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MICROSCOPE – 1202Lab1Prob6 Will the microscope project an image on a screen, or can it be adjusted to do so? If so, measure image positions, magnification, lens positions and light source positions, and describe the image produced. Repeat the process for a new distance between the light source and objective lens. Repeat, if possible with the same two distances between light source and objective lens, for a second eyepiece lens. A NALYSIS For each distance between the lamp and objective lens, compare the observed separation of the two lenses with the expected value, from the warm-up questions. Can you account for any discrepancies? Qualitatively, how did the second eyepiece lens change the magnification of the microscope? Why did you (or why didn't you) expect this change? C ONCLUSION How does the position of the eyepiece depend on the distance between the object and the objective lens, and on the focal lengths of the lenses? Is it possible to use a microscope to project an image on a screen for observation, without extra optical equipment? Do you support your boss’s claim that it is not possible? If it is possible, explain why or why not you think it could be useful. 27
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