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5. Question 5 Search-based targeting strategy is more accurate than supplier-initiated targeting strategy because 1 point Search-based targeting strategy is demand driven, based on potential consumers' interest and demand. Search-based targeting strategy is based on probability that someone might search for something on the Internet. Supplier-initiated targeting strategy relies on outdated technology
6. Question 6 A company that sells organic apple juice with natural nutrients is considering paid search advertising to promote their product. What keywords should they consider, that are most likely to be searchable by their potential customers.
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"organic", "apple juice", "natural nutrients" "juice", "apple juice" 7. Question 7 Which of the following reasons is NOT the reason why social media platforms are the ideal spaces for all types of marketing activities?
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8. Question 8 Brand loyalty and product endorsement can get easily eroded on social media. Thus, customer relationship management is becoming increasingly important as a marketing strategy
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9. Question 9 A good marketers should not only analyze as many touchpoints as possible but also fully understand the context and environment in which the touchpoints are deployed.
1 point True False
10. Question 10 Ad exchanges market is an open market where web publishers and digital content providers list their inventories of advertising spaces for advertisers to purchase.
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