MAN 3600 Syllabus Summer 13 ver 5-13-13 (6)

Attendance i will not be checking the attendance

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Attendance I will not be checking the attendance, which is not part of the grade. However, you have two strong reasons to come to class (on time). One is that you do not want to be absent from the Case Discussions, otherwise your grade may be lower than the group’s average as the effect of poor Peer Evaluation and my inputs. The second reason is that the lectures are the base for the four exams. Finally, being late for class will impact your Class Attitude and Participation grade (check page 6 of the syllabus). Keys to success in MAN 3600: 1. Attend class. If you miss a class, you are responsible for obtaining class notes and any materials handed out and for finding out what material was presented/discussed. Listen, take good notes, and review them. 2. Prepare for class by doing the assigned readings in advance of the class period. Contribute to the class by creating a productive learning environment, free of distractions and disruptions. 3. Read newspapers and business magazines that will expand your knowledge and understanding of what is covered in class. Useful dates to be noted: 5/19 Last day to add/drop w/o penalty 5/31 Last day to drop/withdraw w/o F 4
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Class Plan 5 Date # Type of class CLASS CONTENT Source 5/14 1 Introduction of the Syllabus. 1 Lecture: Lecture: IB concepts and definitions. 2 Lecture: Lecture: Political Systems and Risks. 5/16 3 Case Discussion: Legal Systems_Chinese Tires (BB Class #03 folder) 3 Lecture: Lecture: Legal Systems 4 Lecture: Lecture: Culture in IB: Concepts and Definitions 4 Case Discussion: Google Workplace Culture (BB Class #04 folder) 5/21 5 Case Discussion: Disney in France (BB Class #05 folder) 5 Lecture: Lecture: Cultural Differences 6 Lecture: Lecture: Culture in IB: Applications 5/23 7 Exam 1 8 Lecture: Lecture: Int’l Business Entry Modes 8 Case Discussion: Downey Industries (BB Class #8 folder) 5/28 9 Case Discussion: China Leads In Foreign Direct Investment (BB Class #9 folder) 9 Lecture: Lecture: FDI - Foreign Direct Investment 10 Lecture: Lecture: International Trade Policies 10 Case Discussion: China has become Brazil’s biggest economic partner (BB Class #10 folder) 5/30 11 Case Discussion: U.S. Assails Pace of Global Trade Talks (BB Class #11 folder) 11 Lecture: Lecture: Governmental Influence on Trade (WTO) 12 Exam 2 6/4 13 Case Discussion: Oceans Apart (BB Class #13 folder) 13 Lecture: Lecture: Trade Agreement Mechanism 14 Lecture: Lecture: Main Trade Areas: EU, Eastern Europe 14 Case Discussion: EU prospective members (BB Class #14 folder) 6/6 15 Case Discussion: Martin Textiles (BB Class #15 folder) 15 Lecture: Lecture: Main Trade Areas: NAFTA 16 Lecture: Lecture: Economic Integration of the Americas 16 Case Discussion: FTAA - The case for free trade (BB Class #16 folder) 6/11 17 Case Discussion: Protectionism: Is it on the way back? (BB Class #17 folder) 17 Lecture: Lecture: The Future of Globalization 18 Exam 3 6/13 19 Case Discussion: China manipulating currency (BB Class #19 folder)
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Attendance I will not be checking the attendance which is...

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