North korea they desperately want nuclear weapons

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North Korea? They desperately want nuclear weapons, they claim they nuclear weapons The United States and Russia have the overwhelmingly number of nuclear weapons in the group They have 80 or 90% of all the nuclear weapons Its because of the product of the Cold War NPT – Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – 1970tevenb3 Limit the spread of nuclear weapons Finland and Irelandproposed the NPT Widely and loved by everyone on the planet 189 countries have signed The P5 signed up, to remain powerful in the world NPT is a 3 pillar system 1)Non-proliferation a.All the signatories promise to sell/give away information/ not spread 2)Disarmament a.Powers that have nuclear weapons need to start getting rid of the nuclear powers they have 3)The right to peacefully use nuclear technology a.You can get all the information and technology you need to build nuclear technology in your state
tevenb3 IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency Subbrance of the United Nations Yukiya Amano – Director General of the IAEA In charge of inspections to make sure no one is breaking the rules Not Signed the NPT India, Pakistan, Israeli, N. Korea Iran has been making great strides in their new clean nuclear energy The west fears this because they could be making bombs
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