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Once it was known what change the sample underwent

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depended on how fast and vigorous the tube had been shaken or stirred. Once it was known what change the sample underwent, the students began to experiment how the sample reacted to different conditions. First a light bulb was connected to a plug and the sample was exposed to the light source. Having done so the sample turned from a blue color to more of a purple, violet. After the same sample that had been exposed to the light source was placed in a beaker filled with ice. While that sample rested in the ice bath, a beaker with water was heated to 40° C on the hot plate. A new vial was shaken until blue and then placed in the boiling water. After having collected the temperature and times at which rate the vial changed the group then went to discuss observations with another group. Among the groups data for different observations were exchanged. On the second half of the laboratory the students gather the two graduated cylinders and the small beaker and by placing on a scale recorded the mass respectively of each container. Having recorded the tare mass of each empty container 10 mL of water was transferred using the pipette into each of the three containers. Then the mass was again recorded this time with the liquid in each container. With the
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tare mass and the gross mass having been found, the net mass was determined by subtracting the tare mass from the gross mass. The volume of water in each container was then recorded using the measurement on each container yielding the significant figures. Density was then calculated by dividing the mass by the volumes measured in
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Once it was known what change the sample underwent the...

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