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The firm offers many online courses and yearly

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The firm offers many online courses and yearly training classes to keep their CPA's up to date on current accounting issues. Mrs. Anne also spends time researching new laws that have just been passed so that she can stay current with new and developing laws and practices. CCH is also another tool that helps her stay current with accounting issues as it emails her new tax laws and case judgments as they happen. People that have a CPA also have to take yearly continuing education that is required by the IRS for anyone who prepares tax returns which also help her stay focused on learning new issues and laws. Businesses main role in the development of accounting education should be to promote an ethical work environment. The need to increase profits could have an unintended effect on the ethical standards of new accountants, because of the pressure to make the company look profitable. These issues relates to being ethical in you work no matter what the consequences that may happen. Mrs. Anne believes that the owner's and CEO's of companies need to be ethical, because the employees flow the work ethics of the people in charge and if their morals are suspect then what is stopping an employee from doing something wrong so that he could get a bigger bonus or pay raise. Mrs. Anne gave me some advice that she thinks will help be in my school work was to make sure I am always studying the material and not to let myself get be hide in courses work. It’s easy to get be hide in accounting classes especially if you take more than two during a semester. I will be following her advice when I register for my spring classes not to load up on accounting classes. The other thing she told me was not to wait to take the CPA exam, because when you get a job in the accounting field you will usually be working in one subject of accounting and become rusty in the others. You should take the exam as soon as you think you are ready for it and not to put it off for too long.
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