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These cuts affect students of university of phoenix

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These cuts affect students of University of Phoenix students because it means less financial aid. This could affect the government’s ability to give student loans and their interest rates. Less aid and higher interest rates on loans means less students will be able to attend college. Many people rely on help from the government to attend to college. Sadly, education is sometimes first to go. US Reputation on an international level The US deficit, debt, and surplus play a role in the US reputation at the international level. Over the years as the US has gone further in debt, our reputation has gone down as well as the value of our dollar. A major amount of the US debt is owed to
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Effects of U.S.’s Deficit, Surplus and Debt 5 other countries. Of the foreign countries the US owes 8% of its debt, half of the total foreign debt, to China ("Who Really Owns The U.s. National Debt?", 2013). On an internation level this shows that the US reputation to pay back its debtors is low. This could lead to foreign countries hesitating to loan the US money. This also lowers the value of the dollar because the US does not have the reputation to back it. Automotive Industry The automotive industry is one of the most important industries in the United States. The industry drives the employment; affects the deficit, and deals with imports and exports. Since 2006, the automotive industry has taken a hit in sales and job loss. The government has been involved a great deal in trying to repair the industry because ultimately it creates jobs and economic growth in the U.S. “We can recognize that economic growth and GDP are not themselves independent of each other with GDP growth known to be a major predictor of employment growth since it can “generate an increase derived demand for workers”.” (Thompson 2013) The deficit in the United States can slow down the automotive industry by sales in exports decreasing. The prices for exports would increase causing fewer sales of automobiles. Italian Clothing Company Importers and exporters have an effect on the U.S. deficit, surplus, and debt. It is also the other way around, the U.S. deficit, surplus, and debt have an effect on importers. An Italian company imports products from Italy to stock their store. If the company is able to have an inflow of money that is more than what is being sold, the company will do well.
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