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The reason that viacom has a higher pe ratio is

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competitors. The reason that Viacom has a higher P/E ratio is probably due to the fact that the company is bigger and in more diversified in other industries. While it would have been ideal to have a higher P/E, Time Warner has the highest Earnings per Share of 5.26 which is higher than Viacom’s 2.99 and Comcast’s 1.5. Since then the stock proved to be
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profitable as we purchased 50,500 shares at $79.13 on February 28th and since then the stock has risen to $81.14 for a 2.54% yield. While the yield wasn’t very high the stock performed as I expected as it as a safe pick with a low bet and still yielded a net gain of $101,505. The drivers that had to do with the TWC’s success over the course of the eight weeks had to do with the recent flux of popularity of movie and television streaming services like Netflix. However, this past year Netflix opened up itself for potential competition by drastically changing the price of the services. Time Warner Cable owned Home Box Office (HBO) had developed a streaming service for their immensely popular orig inal series and huge movie database called HBO GO. The growth of HBO Go as well as the competitive advantage of having channels and packages for movies, sports and other bundles have driven profits in the recent past and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The last stock that had been invested was General Electric, which falls under the electrical equipment industry. The reason for investing in GE’s stock was because it is such a diversified company. Based on the beta of 1.57 this is good for our pension plan, because if we hit we have the opportunity for a high upside of yield. However, fundamentally speaking has a P/E ratio of 16 is strong while the company’s EPS is 1.21, which leaves a lot to be desired. However GE proves to be much stronger fundamentally. It has been on a steep incline after November 2011 and has grown consistently since then. GE works in the energy, technology and commercial fields, so there is a lot of data and ratios that are important. A strong current ratio was an important piece of investing information, which GE had at 259.00. GE has a return on assets ratio of 1.52% and was important as a commercial company. GE was an intriguing company because it has been growing on a consistent basis since November. GE proved to be a profitable stock for me since we purchased 208,500 stocks of it on February 28th at $19.16. It has since risen to $19.62. While the beta may prove otherwise, we expected a very minimal gain and the stock proved true by yielding 2.4%. The reasons for the increase was most likely based off of the market. The stock did not substantially cause any real growth and more went with the market, which has been on a rise since the beginning of the project. GE had no important recent news or did they release any company information that greatly affected the stock price. General Electric yielded a small return, which was contrary then its high beta would suggest. The reason for this was not due to any recent news in the company or in the market. The only conclusion that we could come to was that it was merely a
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The reason that Viacom has a higher PE ratio is probably...

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