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Way for their users to interact with people of their

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way for their users to interact with people of their same race but also allowed anyone to make an account thus allowing them to connect with others regardless of their ethnicity. Unlike SixDegrees, all three of these sites exist today. They offer the ability to have a profile, chat with friends, share photos, and view their friend’s profiles. These sites are currently not the most popular social networking sites, but they do exist. Their existence can be attributed to the fact that more users in the turn of the millennium were on the internet and decided to become part of a social network. Business Side of Social Networking A new wave of social networking sites occurred at the start of the millennium. Ryze.com came to existence in 2001. The site was meant to “help people leverage
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their business networks” (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). It was a way of social networking but on a business and an entrepreneurial level. Similar to Ryze, LinkedIn.com was launched in 2003. LinkedIn was geared towards professionals and it is a way of networking with people in a specific field or career. These sites took a different approach on social networking by mixing personal with professional. LinkedIn particularly has grown tremendously. It allows users to create a profile, upload pictures, post their resumes, and view job listings that have been posted by companies that have joined LinkedIn. LinkedIn is seen as a great social network to be a part of if a user is looking for jobs or even to network with other professionals in their fields. Both sites exist today, but Ryze has not been as successful as LinkedIn. Social Networking Rises Amongst all of the social networking sites that have been created there are a couple of them that have actually become well known. The first one is Friendster.com. Friendster was created in 2002. “Friendster was designed to help friends-of-friends meet”, this was their concept and it made them slightly different from other sites (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). It encouraged interaction amongst friends of friends of friends. In other words they were networking and getting to know people who were strangers to them but had a connection to a current friend. Friendster actually grew rapidly and had 300,000 users in less than a year. The sites popularity caused technical difficulties with their databases and servers that could not keep up with the growth. This caused many users to leave the site.
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After Friendster, MySpace became the new big thing. It started in 2003 and their strategy was to reach out to the users of Friendster and get them to join MySpace. They were able to compete with the other social networking sites and actually grow. MySpace made changes and added features based on feedback from their users. They added functionality so that bands could join and interact with their fans and they even allowed users to customize their pages using HTML and backgrounds giving them a sense of individuality. MySpace was extremely popular and held its ground for quite some time. In 2004, Facebook launched.
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way for their users to interact with people of their same...

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