Products primary operating characteristics features

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product’s primary operating characteristics. Features: desirable product characteristics that supplement basic functioning Conformance to specifications: failure incidence, occurence of defects (production oriented quality) Reliability/consistency: allways the same level of Performance, Aesthetics, taste etc. Durability: actual equals the promised and the expected Service : efficient, competent and appropriate Aesthetics: product looks and feels like a quality product Acc. to D. Garvinu
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Jerusalem, 10. srpanj 2013.g. Brand: A Mark of Quality Transforming the real quality into the percieved quality 14 Commitment to quality Quality culture Customer feedback Measuring, goals and standards Customer expectations Transformation of the real quality into the percieved quality is possible only if a company has:
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Brand is the quality pledge It is not enough to claim "We are the best!" Customers need a quality warranty that a company is really behind it's brand promises The pledge must be: unconditional understandable easily fulfilled significant for a customer
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