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Practice Quiz 3 (Chapter 10)

P 264 65 the product life cycle has four stages which

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1. (p. 264-65) The product life cycle has four stages. Which of the following is not one of these? a. Market introduction b. Market growth c. Market maturity D . Economic competition e. Sales decline 2. (p. 266) During the MARKET INTRODUCTION stage of the product life cycle: a. large profits are typical--until competition arrives. b. Price and Promotion are more important than Place and Product. c. much money is spent on Promotion, while spending on Place is left until later. D . money is invested--in the hope of FUTURE profits. e. most customers will try really new products. 3. (p. 266) Industry profits are largest in which of the following product life cycle stages? 4. (p. 270-71) Regarding fashions and fads, which is TRUE?
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Practice Quiz #3 (Chapter 10) 5. (p. 277) Which of the following gives the correct order of the steps in the new-product development process?
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